for Pre-Schoolers

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Children are natural born investigators. Take a walk with a 3 year old and observe the way they stop to question and explore the world around them.  Why, what, how? As a mum of three children, these are words I hear uttered on a daily basis.

At Action Tots we turn a child’s natural wonder and innate curiosity of the world around them into meaningful learning experiences.


Wonder:  Each lesson children are encouraged to think of the big questions. What happens if?  Why does this?  How can I? 

Explore:  Using basic rhythm, music, movement and dramatic play children are encouraged to explore their questions.

Create Exploration turns into creation as children put together sequences of dance, drama, singing, acrobatics and games to express themselves. 

Learn With each of these above principles in motion, children begin to learn. Learn about themselves, learn about others and learn about the world around them.



Action Tots is a unique program designed by Director Jodie Williams and is exclusive to Action Dance Academy.  Using research based techniques Action Tots offers both boys and girls an introduction to basic rhythm co-ordination and movement. 

Students will learn the foundational techniques in acrobatics, jazz, ballet and drama in a fun, safe and nurturing environment.

Our Action Tots classes are a great way to introduce preschoolers to the performing arts.