Our concerts are our most anticipated event and a highlight of the year!

At Action Dance Academy we take great pride in presenting Annual Concerts, which focus on both performance and entertainment. We are extremely pleased to receive wonderful feedback each year from families who appreciate the high level of professionalism in the shows we present.

Our concerts are split into appropriate age groups to provide shorter quality shows and ensure ease for both students, parents and friends attending.

All students will be performing in one of our Annual Concerts, which are held in late November / early December. 

Please contact us for further concert details. 



Each dance class will perform in one dance item at the concert. Therefore if you take two classes per week e.g. Jazz and Hip Hop you are required to purchase two costumes.           Please note that Kicks, jumps turns class  and Adults Jazz will NOT perform a routine in the concert. If you are enrolled in two ballet exam classes per week, there will only one routine per grade.

We are very conscious to keep costs to a minimum for our families.  A costume deposit is invoiced in Term 2 & the balance in Term 3.  

Our costumes are of a high quality and individually designed to suit the theme of each dance. You will receive a complete costume with all accessories included. The only extra items needed will be tights and shoes, which are required at class level throughout the year. All costumes are yours to keep!


At Action Dance Academy students are awarded with a trophy after completing 5 years of dance with Action (consecutively or not) and again at 10 years and 15 years.

It is a great privilege to award students for their dedication and achievements over the years.

The students look forward to working towards receiving their trophy which is presented on stage at our concert.