Jazz is one of our most popular dance style for all ages and abilities.

Focusing on building strong dance technique (kicks, jumps & turns) to enhance flexibility, movement, coordination & fitness levels. Current, energetic choreography is combined with popular music & 'classics' from the genre.

We cater for all ages and abilities with both recreational and performance level classes.



We teach the ballet syllabus set out by The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), the largest international examining body for classical ballet.

From primary ballet onwards, the RAD recommend students participate in two ballet classes per week to cover the content of the syllabus in depth and develop strong classical technique and performance quality.

Pointe classes are offered in our Senior Pointe and our RAD Grade 5 and Intermediate Foundation Exam Classes. 


Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
Ballet Exams

RAD Ballet Exams are offered for Primary, Grades 1-5 and Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation & Advanced 1.

RAD Ballet Exams promote discipline and support students to set and achieve goals. Students learn classical ballet technique, posture, poise and artistry.

In order to complete a Ballet Exam, students must attend a minimum two ballet classes per week for Primary - Grade 4. Grade 5 and above must attend three classes per week. Ballet Exams are held in May/June of each year. For more information on RAD Ballet Exams, please Contact Us.



Combining the techniques of Jazz and Classical ballet, Lyrical is a slower and more expressive form of Jazz commonly performed to ballad music.

Students focus on stretch, strength and a high level of technique while gaining fluidity of movement, grace and control.



Contemporary dance is a blend of ballet and modern dance. It builds a strong centre and combines precision leg work with fluidity of the torso.

Contemporary dance encourages self-expression, natural movement and personal interpretation. It combines modern dance movement with abstract expression including strength and a high level of technique.



In Acrobatics, students will learn how to tumble and do ‘tricks’ such as cartwheels, back flips, backward walkovers etc, whilst building up their flexibility, strength and body awareness.

Hip Hop


Hip Hop is a combination of street and urban dance styles and is a soulful expression of movement.

Students are encouraged to develop their own style and Hip Hop feel while learning current, industry choreography in an age appropriate environment.



Focusing on musicality, percussion and coordination, our Tap students are taught both fast and slow rhythmical combinations reflecting the styles from Fred Astaire through to Tap Dogs.

Musical Theatre


Inspired by Broadway musicals such as Wicked, Greece, Fame, Annie and Chicago. Musical theatre classes have a strong focus entertainment through a combination of singing and dancing.